It Depends

Before I begin writing, I spend some time thinking.
My mind sometimes wanders while my hands should be tapping out words.
After I close my eyes to think, my teacher taps the desk and tells me to “get to work.”
It upsets me that he thinks I am not working when I am thinking.
Once I finally get an idea, words fill the page.
They take me to exotic worlds where zombies and unicorns coexist.
Now that I have the story, I can close my eyes.
The story I wrote now lives on paper because of my dreaming.

Poet’s note: As a teacher, I have found that poetry writing helps students demonstrate understanding of a variety of topics, such as grammar. I had students write a poem as a follow-up to dependent and independent clause lesson. I used the poem above as an example text.

Not only did students show strong understanding of the rules, but they wrote some great poems. Many wound up writing reflections about their personal habits. The social-emotional learning of this activity was a happy bonus.

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