Film Me

Go ahead,
put a camera
in my classroom.

But first,
make sure
every student
has their own
One with
the most recent
and accurate
would be ideal.

Give me 
a monthly budget
that would help
meet social,
and academic
of every student.

Before you 
ask me 
to turn on
the camera,
please read 
the class syllabus
and disclosure
that transparently
outlines the curriculum.

If you are working
during the time
you could
check out 
lesson details
I post online
That should
clear up
any questions
about what
your children
are learning.

While we’re at it,
help us secure
every students’
If we can’t 
do that,
off the table.

I could go on
and on
about other
critical needs
in our schools,
but they
have been ignored
for generations.
Why would
you listen

Go ahead,
put a camera
in my classroom, 

but first…

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