Good Citizens

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You won’t know them
From their flying flags
From stickers
Placed on monster trucks
Or shouted loyalty slogans



You will find them
Comforting the distressed
Soothing the sick
Feeding the famished
Aiding the poor
Protecting the vulnerable
And educating the innocent

It lives in their heart
It refines their mind
It edifies their soul

They don’t seek the spotlight
They don’t chase fame
They don’t lust for praise

They simply love
And they love simply

Patriotism isn’t a performance
Patriotism is affinity and affection for all

By TheOtherKLM

Privately seeking public approval, An introvert who talks endlessly Teaching learning. Fat fitness fanatic Shuffling organized clutter Trapped in the meandering mind Conforming to opposition That creates destruction Of communal chaos.

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