Fat Bomb

My kotegenic journey
began last week

I must cut
carbohydrate consumption
especially provisions
packed with processed sugars

Swap sweets
with nuts
string cheese 
when I yearn for a snack

I’ve held fast
for a week
and have survived

Yet, now
I am staring at this bowl
creamy cold
covered in caramel
sinful hot fudge
and ethereal whipped topping

 Dark chocolate
is a heart-healthy cheat
allowed in a ketogenic diet


The sticky-sweet snack
is a refreshing respite
from the salty crunch
of nuts and cheese chunks

The spoonful of sweet cream
somersaults as it thaws
Stampeding from my tongue
pulsating anxious intensity
throughout my veins

A sundae cheat
a high calorie treat
that should be consumed
in deliberate moderation

When I do my own medical research, I find that the Mayo Clinic is one of the best sources to go to first. Check out their information about the keto diet here.

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