Cooking with Kevin

In my kitchen of life
I once had a plan
To cook up success
With masterful hand
I focused on plating
Above refreshing savor
Serving fine dishes
From tempting
Sweet flavor

Sharp knives
To slice, dice
Mince, julienne, and cube
Leeks, carrots, and beans
like they chop on the tube
i’d add too much salt
But not enough spice
Heat turned up too high
Blackened food?
Yeah, right!

I should have known
When to turn down
The heat
And not let presentation
Cloud the cut
Of the meat
Now my dishes are ruined
Appetite gone
My kitchen is cleared
My cooking is done

I’ll try to learn
From recipes
Of sour regret
Hope my next dish
Less bitter
Less burnt
Will set
Standards of flavor
Pleasing to palette
Maybe next time
I’ll just serve
A salad

I would like to hear from you