Vitamin D

This dragging winter of dread and despair
Lingers later and longer, bitter bite in the air
Where is spring’s welcoming warm embrace?
Filling warm golden rays ‘cross this gray, dreary space

Vitamin D loss is taking its toll
Bones brittle, sight sad, heart hurt, mood droll
Supplements, shots, salmon, sprays can’t compare,
To the comforting rays of sun-swayed spring air

I dream for days basking in soothing sun
Yet, I’m stuck inside, mood coming undone
This lack of light has squashed my soul low,
Vitamin D, how I miss your golden glow

Days long, skies gray, wind wet, nights cold
My mind’s feeling murky, my spirit so old
Let’s schedule weeks worth of warmer days to come,
When gray clouds will part, revealing the sun.

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