My Life

Life keeps going
day in, day out
some ups, some downs,
check in, check out
my fate, my dreams
of rest, of strife
I will survive this edgy
humdrum life.

But wait a sec
hold up, hold tight
is this what I want?
thinking black?
thinking white?

Is this all
there is
a ceaseless cycle

Hope sparks deep

don’t quit
dream something, dream more
live large, live loud
your life is more

more than what others
have planned

People push, people pull
some to hope, some to the dull
maybe, just maybe
their way shouldn’t be
maybe, just maybe
my way
is determined
by me

My way:
fiercely chill
confidently unsure
I’ll play it safe
I’ll play it pure
with deliberate risks
maybe? I’m sure
I’ll play it safe
life wild, life tame.
I’ll play with risk
I’ll play with a plan

my life:
a salty-sweet discordant beat
that’s life
my heart, my beat
my melody
that’s life
my life

I would like to hear from you