Memory Museum

Displayed like a museum
Galleries encase life’s moments
Framed like sad scenes
Portraits of despair
Of broken hearts
Beyond repair
Strokes of blue and dappled grey
Memories that refuse to fade
Yet, even in Van Gogh’s saddest work
Splashes of purple, pink, and gold
Deliver hope

Joyous moments
Like a vibrant dance
Paint the shimmering light
Of love and laughter
Warm light
Buttery bright
But a mural hides
In the corner
Dark with doom
Like Picasso’s work
Of fear and gloom
Overgrown worries
And demanding doubts
Shaping chaos too big
To flout

I want to scream
Break the sacred silence
Of my gallery
Yet, I refuse to disturb
The patrons near
Munch’s anxious man
Or the couple sharing
Klimt’s embrace

My memory museum
Personal artwork
Some muted
Some bright
Capture fear
Capture fright
Yet, each work
A treasure
Only valued
By me

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