Graphic Design

Image Source: Adobe Stock

Purely Novice

I have always been interested in graphic design, but I have not had much formal instruction in the craft. Whenever I had an idea for a design but didn’t know how to accomplish what I imagined, I would find online tutorials to help me through each step.

Several years ago, I was fortunate to participate in a program to help teachers interested in implementing film making in their instructional practice. SHIFT built new skills, but also introduced me to more formal graphic design techniques through their association with Adobe Youth Voices.

The connections with Adobe have changed my life. I actively participate in Adobe Education Exchange to network and share teaching ideas. I have found some of the most valuable professional development through this association, and it’s all free.

Some of My Designs

This past week, I felt a need to make a simple statement in response to what is being said to spread the current culture war. This is what I came up with. I would be thrilled if you agree and purchase a shirt to show your support.

Some of My Favorite Links