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Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet. Here, poetry takes center stage, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon an article or short story now and then. I tinker with words, moving them in and out, here and there, to better convey my thoughts and emotions. So, as you explore the pages, you might find that the content undergoes a subtle transformation, a rearrangement of words to paint a clearer picture of my thoughts. Take a seat, read, click a link or two, and share with your friends who enjoy an occasional poem.



I serve my dish, deboned, sliced, soaked in blends of citrusy sours and bitter herbs.


Our solemn dutyReplenish resources squanderedRefill our dubious droughtAs living waters wander astrayOnce-fertile fields with harvests hard-earnedCraves nurture for soil now dry We must give as we takeWe must mend what we wound  Earth begs a sustainable cycleHer thirst we cannot ignore,Sow seeds where they will growWhere living waters freely flow We can feed Earth’s hungerWe…

Welcome to my plog

Welcome to my blog, where poetry’s the point.

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