No regrets

No regrets
for past
stumbles, scrapes, and scars
shape my resilient
rhythmic life.

My history is not
haunted nighmares
but enchanted daydreams
in progress.

No remorse
for hours
with fellows, family, and friends
our priceless laughter and tears
our well-earned shared wealth.

No regret
for solo hours.

isn’t a void
but a refuge for self-discovery
sculpting the authentic me
free of regret.

House cleaning

Our house
reeks of rot
from scourge
the foundation

can we
to restore
our house
to its righteous

We have two

the house
beyond the surface
where pests
have burrowed


One more time

I’ve declared this before
And I’ll proclaim it again
One more time
My impassioned plea:

If we invite
One friend
One neighbor
One colleague
One classmate
One family member
Just one to…

Turn away from the blindness
Turn up the kindness
Turn around the lies
Turn our eyes to the skies
Turn down the enmity
Turn it over to empathy
Turn off the foxy firebrand
Turn out a helping hand…

We can salvage
Our shattered society

It’s past time

A cold congress
Clinging to discredited dogma
Escalates, elevates
Aggravates and cultivates
Our culture of hate

Each day, each week
Needless nightmares
Dip to deeper
Depths of despair
Leagues deeper than the past

A good man with a gun
Will some day save us, they say
But he’s seldom present
Prepared or prone to act
In that urgent hour

It’s past time
We abandon our modern myth
Of the good man with a gun
It’s time to replace him
With a good woman with a plan