Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

I like to imagine.

I like to imagine a world the way I think it should be. I’m a perpetual dreamer. I look at things the way they are and then think about the way they should be. Sometimes, I write down what I imagine and hope others will discover my wisdom. I imagine a big celebration on the day my dreams are accepted by the masses.

But, now, gentle readers (Do I dare call you gentle readers? That’s been done before.) So, now fellow bloggers, I ask you to indulge me as I share my favorite hobby. Please. Join me, and let’s imagine together.

Imagine Fridays becoming days to celebrate learning. Picture it: each week ends with a lively festival of knowledge. Imagine. Imagine a world where the pursuit of wisdom is met with excitement and enthusiasm, and classrooms transform into playgrounds of endless discovery. Just imagine.

What if we all chose to free ourselves from our electronic ball and chains. What if, instead, we all embraced the historical habit of walking? And talking. Face to face. Streets would transform into bustling avenues of friendship, where each step brings us closer to healing the world’s heartbeat. Hushed conversations would replace the honks and hums of engines, and nature’s song would return to center stage. Imagine traffic jams a distant memory. Imagine the only road rage a playful race to the ice cream truck. Imagine.

What if we unanimously decided to turn off the anger that seems to be broadcast from every corner of our lives? Imagine. Kindness, understanding, and empathy would fill our drought-stricken rivers and flow freely, drowning out conflict’s discordant noises. Imagine that. Laughter is contagious, and smiles would replace scowls. Imagine a reality where debates are settled with reason and political rallies are just massive potlucks where everyone brings their favorite dish and ideas to share? I’d vote for that.

The world I imagine is a world where boundaries of reality blur, a world where hope takes root and blooms, and a world where wildest dreams can flourish into a sweet reality of tomorrow. I believe that, some day, we might be celebrating our discoveries and our dreams on a Friday, strolling towards a world where anger fades into spectacular sunsets, and sharing our neighbors sweetest ambitions. Imagine. And to think, we got through this dream sequence without a single John Lennon quote, though I’m sure he’d be proud of our imaginative endeavors!