I’d give it away

If I had a million dollars to give away, who would I give it to? That’s a question I think about daily. Not that I’m obsessed with wealth, mind you. Having more money that I need would be nice, but I like to believe I would give to as many people and causes as I could even if I never made more than just enough to get by. Beyond dreaming about what I would do if I earned millions, my answer is crystal clear: I would give to education because it’s a deeply personal cause. Coming from a family of educators, I can’t think of a better way to honor my parents than by supporting the cause they dedicated their lives and careers to. So, if I ever become the billionaire blogger of my dreams, I know would also become an educational philanthropist.

Where would I donate my millions?

As I dream, let’s explore three remarkable organizations I’d be thrilled to support.

  1. DonorsChoose.org: This organization is like the Amazon wishlist for teachers. DonorsChoose.org connects donors with classrooms in need, allowing educators to request specific resources for their students. You can fund anything from art supplies to science equipment, and it’s all about direct impact. You’ll know exactly where your money is going and who it’s helping, making you feel like a superhero without the uncomforable tights.
  2. NoKidHungry.org: Education is about more than books and pencils; it’s also about ensuring kids have the energy to learn. No Kid Hungry works tirelessly to end child hunger in America by connecting children with nutritious food where they live, learn, and play. You’re not just feeding bellies; you’re feeding young minds, providing a strong foundation for their educational journey.
  3. Utah Afterschool Network: Afterschool programs play a crucial role in a child’s overall development. They offer a safe and enriching environment for students after the final school bell rings. The Utah Afterschool Network is dedicated to supporting and improving these programs, ensuring that kids continue to learn and grow in a fun and stimulating atmosphere. Because, let’s face it, learning doesn’t stop when the school day ends!

Donating to these organizations strengthens education communities in a variety of unique ways. When I donate, I’m not just handing over a check; I’m investing in the future of countless students.

Would I really donate?

Not to brag, or boast, or stroke my ego, but I know I will donate to education if I ever had a million dollars to give away because I already use my own money to supply classrooms with additional tools to engage students. I buy snacks to help feed hungry students. I support our aftershool programs that reach so many students who need safe places to continue and expand their learning after regular school hours. I donate to local DonorsChoose fundraising campaigns to support the local schools. I can only dream of doing more when I earn and save more money.

I might not have my million-dollar earnings in hand just yet, but when it comes to supporting education, my heart and wallet are wide open. What’s a million dollars compared to the priceless impact it can have on the minds and futures of our youth?