Last night
I dreamt
I owned
A bookstore
Walls lined with shelves
Where fantasy
With fact
And each performed
Their proper part

In the center
Patrons sat and sipped
(their choice)
And communed
With words

In the back
Was an open
Room for artists
To craft
With camera
With canvas
With color
With clay
With composition

Above the store
A living space
To eat
To sleep
To live
To dream
To mingle
With friends

Up the stairs
A rooftop garden
With tomato vines
Red peppers
Honey bees
Patio furniture
Place amongst the plants
For me
To sit and stare
At starry night skies

My nocturnal vision
Might seem
A fool’s fantasy
I must work
I must explore
I must persist
To turn what I dreamt
Into reality

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I Need a Me Shed

You have likely seen the commercial. A couple watches a shed burn down as the wife talks to her State Farm insurance agent. She wonders if her policy covers her She Shed. Of course, in the insurance marketing world, her disaster is fully covered and she will have a new and improved She Shed soon enough.

State Farm She Shed Commercial

I have been envious of the idea of a she shed for a while. I’m a hermit, so I don’t need to get away from others, but I could use an out building in the back corner of my property for various reasons. I need a Me Shed.

I found this song about the Me Shed.

I can barely fit one car in my two-car garage right now. The extra space is filled with lawnmowers, a snowblower, a garden tiller, and a small wood chipper–each used less than half of the year. Garden tools, a barbecue grill, and a mountain bike also take seasonal spots along with two ladders, boxes of holiday decorations and miscellaneous household supplies.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

-Albert Einstein

Every time I visit a Home Depot or Lowe’s, I make sure to wander to the sheds. I imagine which display model would be best to store my supplies. A small shed would be great to store my lawnmower and snowblower. I could add some wall storage attachments to organize my scattered tool collection. A larger shed would help me make more space in my garage, and it would make that part of my property more pleasant. When I finally break down and get one, I should get a double wide

The more I think about it, why stop with just a Me Shed? I have the space. I should add a tiny house to my plan. I don’t have many visitors, but I could use the space as an extra income source.


No, I would rather turn that into a small home office, just a few steps away from the main residence.