Night Visions

They always show up at night
At just the time he might
Get the sleep he needs, yet they crowd into his dreams
Tossing and turning
Yes, they’re visiting him
At least that’s what it seems

With Beth he will recall
When they both worked in the mall
Oh, the joy they shared as they wrapped the shoppers’ gifts
Folding and taping
They were blessed to meet
And work the same hourly shifts

With Dawn, ghost number two
Words and deeds that they both rue
No matter what they tried, together just didn’t work out
Weeping and wailing
They mourn for what could have been
But no chance to test it out

They show up, but tonight
He needs to sleep so very tight
Temperatures drop
Shift rain into snow
Making morning commute extra
Slippery and slow

But, finally, Claire is there
A nod of hope the two share
Though he lives alone, he won’t perish that way
Wishing and waiting
For somebody new in his life
To love and live as one ’til his final day

They finally leave tonight
A bit of sleep he hopes he might
Get as temperatures drop
Shifting rain

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