I used to believe

I used to believe
America was big
to equip 
of diverging dreams
the balanced freedoms
to design their own destinies

I used to believe
America was kind
to support
of foreign features
the warmest refuge
to enhance our own environments

I used to believe
America was deep
to scrutinize
from assorted angles
with rational reflection
to fashion our own fate

I used to believe
in America

False Flags

You wave banners
branded with badges
of counterfeit causes
symbols of sophistic
and stagnant standards

The flags you fly
stamped and striped 
in contrarian colors
announce allegiance 
to divisive ideals

It’s time to surrender
your pride to truth
retreat to the colors
of liberty and justice
for all

Now What?

The door
has been unlocked
beckoning all
to step in and sit.

Will eyes
consider the big picture
or will they
focus on a trivial detail?

Will ears
heed the countless pleas
or will they
echo beguiling blather?

Will hearts
warm up to healing compassion
or will they
congeal like a winter pond?

Will minds
forage for facts
Or will they
settle for effortless excuses?

It depends

Will we

Will we

Will we

Will we?