Going Trolling

Turbulent trolls, triggering my crusade.
Your slanderous slurs ignite fevered flames
Souls jaded by your less-than-subtle shade,
Beaten down by trending, trolling games.

Like bombers blowing up vital bridges
Sabotaging decaying foundations,
You guide your flocks to unstable ledges
Moored to bottomless fears and frustrations.

How do we withstand your explosive guile
When you beg for attention hustling hate?
You corral control through clicks rank with bile.
Unless quelled, we will surrender our fate.

We win by withholding vain attention
Rejecting myths you constantly mention.


Master Crow, perched in a tree, 
Clutched cheese inside his beak. 
Master Fox, below, observed the sight, 
And to the bird did speak.

“Master Crow, good day to you. 
You’re such a gallant fowl.
More radiant than the Phoenix flame, 
You’re wiser than the owl”

“Please share with me, kind fellow 
The view from your high perch.
You have a broader vision
Than here below the birch.”

These words caused such tremendous joy; 
The crow commenced to speak.
But tumbled out the cherished cheese 
He clutched within his beak.

Fox darted on the ground below
To confiscate his prize
He hoodwinked from his friend on high 
By spouting lofty lies.

Like my poems, The Grasshopper and the Ant and Repurcussions, this poem was written for a collection of ELA emergency lesson plans called A Likely Story. I think I need to adapt more fables; I the time I spent doing that.