All I have are words

All I have
are words

a laptop
loaded with
the latest software
and high-speed Internet

a 50 inch 
high definition
LED screen
connected to
the most popular
streaming services

a four-wheel-drive
sports utility vehicle
with heated
steering wheel and seats
satellite radio
and anti-lock brakes

a three-bedroom rambler
with solar panels
central air
and a two-car garage

Objects age
and need repair
pass on to others
or get discarded
when I am gone
all that will remain
of me 
are my words

Marathon Mind

I’m struggling
To reach the tape
Lungs and legs burn
How did I get
So out of shape?
I’m struggling
Lungs and legs burn
The effects of old age
I can’t escape
Life’s poor choices 
Carry heavy weight
Lungs and legs burn
I’m so out of shape
How did I get
So out of shape?
Life’s poor choices
I’m struggling
But I welcome
Miles to go
I reach the tape

Rough Draft

Life is 
a rough draft
in constant revision

every day 

we add pages
cross out
or delete

replace them 
with better
or verbs
that more accurately 

our evolving

Goodbye, New Friend

I can’t 
It’s time
To say

We just met
Three days
My flame for you
Burns fierce

Like the peppery
Of local dishes
Your zesty spirit
Has me craving for more

Yet, I must go
To a life
Of contracts
And compulsions

I don’t know if we will
See each other again
But you are now
A permanent part 
Of my soul