This I know

Our pasts aren’t perfect
Languages evolve
Science identifies patterns
Leading to conclusions
Numbers commingling
Can lead to
Infinite possibilities
Opinions aren’t facts
Nor are they all
Equally valid
Bias can stunt growth
Equity is not
Socialism nor communism

We can’t learn
If we won’t listen
Closed minds
Don’t have enough
Room to grow

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Just One

I am just one; there’s not much I can do.
But if I reach out to one more, my one becomes two.
Together we press, but we can increasingly do more.
When we extend arms again, our two turns to four.

We can do more with four to rally our fate.
When we reach out again, we double to eight.
Eight doubles to sixteen, and we reach out again.
Sixteen multiplies, expands, and repeats until then…

Our numbers keep growing through warmhearted outreach
We continue to share what we do not just what we preach.
The next time you think “I’m just one. What can I do?”
Just imagine what happens when we reach out to two.