The Misinformation Machine

They shout at the cameras
turn them off
Say you should be afraid
turn them off
Smearing people and places
turn them off
Dropping dubious threats

They troll for the sound bites
…turn them off
Fan flames to inflate clicks
turn them off
As long as they’re trending
turn them off
That’s why they exist

They constantly move goalposts
turn them off
Point our eyes to flagrant lies
turn them off
Spin friends into foes
turn them off
Until social conscience dies

But we have pure power
turn it on
Healthier influence, too
turn it on
Hoisting empathy and truth
turn it on
Blazing a loftier worldview

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Keep on Truckin’

Dear truck drivers,
We see you,
And we’re sorry.

We’re sorry
You have become pawns
In this red-herring drive
To divide and conquer.

We’re sorry
Your sights have been swayed
By digital drones
Led by
A killer queen bee
Determined to destroy
By distributing

We’re sorry
They told you
It’s a fight for your freedoms,
As you willingly surrender
Your freedoms
To their lies.

You are free
To turn off
Telegram, Gab,
And Rumble
To abandon
The anger
They taught you
Hoping to release
Your rage.

You are free
To deliver happiness
In truck loads
Of three-ply toilet paper
Farm-fresh vegetables
And other essentials.

You are free
To return home
To embrace your family
And live free
From social media driven

There were so many thoughts running through my mind this morning, I had to get them down before they left. Please forgive the collection of mixed metaphors, alliteration, and imagery. I promise to revisit this post later and make meaningful revisions.

Going Trolling

Turbulent trolls, triggering my crusade.
Your slanderous slurs ignite fevered flames
Souls jaded by your less-than-subtle shade,
Beaten down by trending, trolling games.

Like bombers blowing up vital bridges
Sabotaging decaying foundations,
You guide your flocks to unstable ledges
Moored to bottomless fears and frustrations.

How do we withstand your explosive guile
When you beg for attention hustling hate?
You corral control through clicks rank with bile.
Unless quelled, we will surrender our fate.

We win by withholding vain attention
Rejecting myths you constantly mention.