You Did This

You did this
with your dubious deceit
telling tales
of bogus demons
breaching unfortified frontiers.

You did this
from your bankrolled pulpit
spurring fury
against foreign facts
crushing old-hat bias.

You did this
turning neighbor against neighbor
by building your brand
of pretentious patriotism.

We will end this
with our conscious commitment
proclaiming faith
in fairness and fact
ahead of unverifiable views.

Clearing the Clutter

I’ve started to clear

the so-what stench
of sweat-soiled shirts
from my bedroom floor

the I-don’t-care crust
from dirty dishes piled
in my kitchen sink

the what’s-the-point stance
from seedy-wild weeds
of my unwatered lawn

I’m replacing my thoughts with

scouring suds, rinse, and spin cycle
followed by fabric-softener freshness
and a light-starch press

lemon-fresh foam
in a hot-watered bath
and a dry dish towel

lush flowering shrubs
inviting honey bees and butterflies
to my small patch of paradise

Breakfast at the Diner

They talked
of Jesus
between bites
of bacon
and runny-yoke
soaked hash browns

They talked
they mocked
bleeding hearts
shedding liberal tears
for the souls
of the others who are lost

They talked
and chomped
on buttery toast
cheering chains that bind
the others to choices
they’re not allowed to make

They talked
of Jesus
between slurps
of creamy coffee
but the way they talked
I knew

They didn’t know

September 4

I dream 
of sapphire skies
dappled with 
cotton-ball clouds
and rainbow rays.

But smoldering smog
from western fires
block the blue 
and prismatic sprays
from itchy eyes.

What can we do
to wash the winds
infected by
our selfish flare
our casual concern?

It starts with one.

It starts