No regrets

No regrets
for past
stumbles, scrapes, and scars
shape my resilient
rhythmic life.

My history is not
haunted nighmares
but enchanted daydreams
in progress.

No remorse
for hours
with fellows, family, and friends
our priceless laughter and tears
our well-earned shared wealth.

No regret
for solo hours.

isn’t a void
but a refuge for self-discovery
sculpting the authentic me
free of regret.

Night and Day

I love
the moonglow
and starry silence
of the night.

my time
to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.

These are the hours
that restore life
but it’s the hours before,
the golden hours,
when sun reflects his softest hues
that I am reminded
of my life
worth living.

Fitness Swimmer

The placid depths of lap pool
release relief just beneath
water’s surface

with each stroke
I lose myself
in the rhythmic slaps
of lap swimming

I glide through water
past twenty five yards
of azure-tiled canvas
breathing bubbles,
releasing stress

unwhispered secrets retreating
from daily burdens.
Pushing and pulling
through water
I am guided
by the metronome
in my mind
one, two, three, breathe
one, two, three, breathe
inhale, exhale,
inhale, exhale

The pool buries noises
and chaos of the streets
I immerse myself
beneath surface
silence and solitude
connecting mind, body, soul
in rhythmic bliss

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Blue Waters


Moon Chase

I woke early
to chase
full moon
on westward

The silver moon
grew grand and golden
before sinking
and settling
behind snowdusted

Simultaneously, clouds
started shimmering softly
as they sun began his
climb above taller peaks
to the east.

I went to the moon
this morning.
The cost:
an extra hour
of sleep.


Daily writing prompt
In what ways does hard work make you feel fulfilled?

It’s not
the satisfaction
of doing something difficult.

It’s not
the ability
to say “I did that.”

It’s not
the pride
in not giving up.

It’s not
about proving
a point
to anyone.

It’s not
seeking validation
from others.

It’s not
about collecting
and trophies.

It’s not
comparing yourself
to someone else’s journey.

It’s not
the destination
nor the journey itself

The best thing
hard work
is completing
the task
just like reaching
the end
of this list.