Woeful Soul

Daily writing prompt
What would you do if you lost all your possessions?

Welcome the party no one wants to attend. Picture it: me, penniless, just like Job of Old, in a world that is unprepared for my destitute, disrobed debut. Nobody wants to see that, especially me, exposed in this wild modern life!

So, in order to tackle this dilemma, let’s break down my three-pronged strategy for dealing with this “Naked, Not-Yet-Famous, and Very Afraid” mess:

Prong 1: Clothe the Naked

To begin, I need some simple threads. Sure, naked I came into this world, and naked I shall leave, but in the meantime, nobody should be threatened with that much exposure. Did I already mention that? Thankfully, we are blessed with a variety of local thrift stores. At each location, I’ll bargain a deal: a Hawaiian shirt paired, plaid pants, slippers, and socks, in exchange for me channeling the vibe of a fashion-forward influencer on their social media channels. If I can’t be rich, I might as well offer my fashion emergency for marketing clicks. Business owners are always willing to make deals like this, right? Right?

I could become the latest TikTok trend. Just like those guys who provide fashion tips for clicks. I could be the next Effortless Chap, Dapper Daniel, or Clotheshorse Cal. Oh, oh, oh, I’d need to throw in some glow up tips, so maybe I should talk with a gym to secure regular soapy showers.

Prong 2: House the Houseless

Next, my compelling sitcom or reality show pitch: “Lost Stuff, Found Shipping Container.” Once again, it begins with me, broke and stark naked in a world of excess. Nobody wants to see that, especially not me, and I’ve already become a somewhat famous social media thrift store star.

I’d again use my negotiating skills to snag two shipping containers. Then, I’d gather discarded styrofoam for insulation and scavenge other materials to construct a trendy tiny house just outside the toniest landfill. I’d plant daffodils and daisies on my rooftop garden. The internet would document my transformation, and it’d go viral, collecting clicks and a bit of cash along the way.

It’s wild. It’s all about negotiating, about scavenging, and about riding the internet wave. Since life handed me lemons in this scenario, I might as well make a trendy, viral shipping container lemonade stand.

Prong 3: Feed the Hungry

So, I’ve sort of conquered the fashion and shipping container scene, but what about sustenance? A once-naked gardener can’t thrive on clicks alone!

I might begin by employing my social charm to become a connoisseur of free samples, but cheese cubes and pretzel bites won’t sustain in the long run. Back up on my rooftop garden, I’d cultivate a colorful medley of veggies: heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers that put on a real show and combine for a rather tasty gazpacho, by the way. Let’s not forget a few berry bushes – strawberries tumbling over the sides and raspberries big enough to make a supermarket blush. Throw in some zucchinis ready to conquer the world, and I’ve got the happiest of garden adventures. Who says I can’t be an urban farmer cultivating life-sustaining veggies and berries?

My three-pronged survival strategy for this woeful soul who’s lost it all includes dressing in the finest thrift store finds, building my shipping container kingdom, and becoming the finest rooftop gardener. After all, if life insists on delivering lemons, I might as well find a way to enjoy the lemonade.


On sleepy Saturday night
moon’s silvery glow so-so bright
I’ll kick off my shoes
finding barefoot freedom delight

Toes tickled by grass
from my sneaker less trance
as night unravels
warrant warnings of shoeless travel

Beware the thorns, the prickles, the sticks
for splinters still sting
where hidden dangers lurk
and cut, slice, and nick

Tonight’s cold, dewy, damp ground
chill of the night’s frosty bite
can be quite profound
outdoor barefoot frolicking just might not be right

So, on this crispy-cool Saturday night
when the stars are a-twinkling so-so bright
grass slick and shimmery cold
I’ll bring barefoot frolicking inside

When I was Young

Daily writing prompt
What’s a topic or issue about which you’ve changed your mind?

When I was young,
late-night adventures
dancing, dining, playing cards
with friends
was my expected
declaration of freedom
over the forces of sleep.

But now
a thrilling Friday night
means falling asleep
in recliner
while semi-riveted
in a streaming documentary
about the history of cheese.

Pumpkin Spice

Because we all need more pumpkin spice in our life.

Personally, I prefer pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream. I’m not sure if there’s a scientific correlation, but I often celebrate my birthday on that Thursday in November when pumpkin pie plays second fiddle to a roasted turkey. Instead of birthday cake, I usually have a birthday pie. I will choose pie over cake in most times when both options are available.

As a teenager, my mother introduced us to a pumpkin dump cake, which is a close second to the dense pleasure of a pumpkin pie. Check out this recipe. This cake is similar in texture of a pie, but the crust is replaced with a moist, yellow cake. Some might consider it a pumpkin cobbler.

As far as muffin tops go, Mimi’s Cafe serves the best. Instead of a late-November birthday dinner, I often opt for a birthday breakfast and enjoy Mimi’s offerings. Their warm pumpkin muffins are perfect for a comforting autumn breakfast.

Finally, as a beverage, pumpkin just doesn’t cut it. I know it’s a seasonal favorite at coffee shops and as a hot cocoa flavor, but nope, not for me. I can wait a few extra weeks for the seasonal eggnog flavor.


Daily writing prompt
Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

I thought
I was clever
the first to
blank page

I was not
nor the first

without computer
I would not
have known
and I would
have still
I was the most
and first

life with
allows me
to adjust
and edit
and alter
my clever