Campaigning for Cash

Buy me a latte,
I’ll love you a latte
don’t expect me to remember
your name or
even say hi
we meet
for another cup
of coffee
(your treat)

I have a cause
please donate
to my cause
I’ll fight
for something
for me
I can’t guarantee
it’s worthy
my cause
could be
for our right
to eat extra stuffing
with turkey
and gravy

I need you
you see?
My bills stacked
and my stomach’s angry
you won’t like it
when my stomach’s angry
I can tell
you that

Send me
a small sum
I’ll make you this
I vow
I won’t
run for governor
or aspire
to be
the people’s president
I’ll leave
to the cows.

Gray Days

Gray gloom greets mid-January morn,

Days of defiance start

On waves of joint effort borne

From humble, united heart

Its story outlined with resolve

To break dawn’s smoggy gloom

Hearts and hands warmly dissolve

Hate’s icy forecast of doom


2022, you were full of
well, stinky stuff…

Online outrage operatives
Pompous pretentious “patriots”
Temperamental Twitter trolls
Radicalized racket ringleaders
Petty political provocateurs

I could go on
but I won’t.

You had your moment
in the spotlight
more than you deserve.

No more.

None of you
will play a role
in my 2023.


Saturday Clean-up

Six AM
Saturday Morning
Weeds have infested
My front yard

I put on gloves
long-sleeved T-shirt
I pull and dig
To take them out

I want it back
my fair oasis
It will take time
I will be hard

Crowd out the weeds
with fern and flower
don’t give bad seeds
room to spread and sprout

You guessed it. Today’s poem is a variation on a theme. Check out Noxious Weeds.