Noxious Weeds

You arrived uninvited,
Unnoticed, ignored
Until almost too late.
Toxic roots spreading,
Usurping fragrant flowers
Purposefully transplanted
Now firmly established in the land.

Ignoring your presence 
Grants permission to grow
As you force out blues, greens, yellows, reds
Collaborations of colors
Creating a harmonious home
Welcoming guests
Who celebrate our plush medleys
Of my motley oasis.

I will pluck you from my plot
When you are young
Before your toxicity spreads,
Air plenty of fervent heat
Turning your septic seed to soil
Fit to return and nourish my garden.

Author’s Note: I wrote this poem a few summers ago when I saw racism take a more visible hold in our country again. At the same time, I was struggling with weeds from the empty lot across the street invading my lawn at the same time, so I tried to make a comparison between the two. The heat I mention in the last stanza is meant to represent putting somebody through a refining fire that will hopefully change hate into, at the least, understanding. Please share this poem if you appreciate my thoughts and want to help convert the toxic weeds that have invaded our gardens.

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