Where the Sidewalk Starts

Let’s meet where the sidewalk starts,
Saunter and stroll and share our hearts.
Talk and walk the footpath together,
Let’s ramble and babble no matter the weather.

Let’s hold hands to keep us warm,
Dark clouds warn of distant storm.
Rain can fall and wind can blow,
Let’s keep talking and walking, let’s go.

Steps might falter but our grip won’t break,
Let’s keep on walking ‘til ankles ache
Later our feet we’ll soak and knead
Soothing pain with rest, indeed.

Let lightning strike, let thunder roll,
We’ll keep walking and talking, soul to soul
“Til the end of this pathway we eventually part,
Let’s meet in the morning where the sidewalk starts.

Shout out to Shel Silverstein for inspiration words and imagination.