Dreaming With the TV On.

I discovered the tooth
Of a mighty manticore
At the base of a banyan tree
I’m not sure why I came to these mystical lands
Perhaps journeying with friends
On a ruminating mission from Mumbai to Cork

All I know is Millicent is lost
And my mission is to rescue her
From loud howler monkeys
Or dirty desert rats

Now, back to that tooth
I found under the tree
Covered in ichor
Of some powerful deity
As I look at the fang, I can’t help but wonder:
Did the beast bite and trample a legendary god?

And which one is dead?

This poem was inspired by a list of words I was given. I used to regularly ask friends to provide me lists of words to use as inspiration for my writing, and I enjoyed returning to this activity. I’m pleased with the results and might do this more regularly.