High Desert Whale

Once in a high desert so hot, so dry,
A whale was lost; no ocean nearby.
He swam through sands, with heavy heart,
Longing for water, a new voyage to chart.

A seagull, named Jack, with sour tongue knife sharp,
Swooped next to the whale, listening to him harp.
“Ha!” said Jack, “What an ironic sight,
A whale in this scorched, waterless desert blight.”

The whale, mid-sigh, said “I miss the sea,
I miss what I once had: life wild, life free.”
But Jack, with double ha-ha, asked “Why moan?
You have a new chance, make this new life your own.”

The whale, ha-struck, looked around once more,
Saw the charm of the desert never noticed before.
The sun, it was golden; the sky, ‘lectric blue,
Finally finding a smile, whale knew what he should do.

He swam sandy streets, ‘till he found his new place,
In this high desert city, he could live with grace.

When we dwell on our wants, we get nowhere,
It’s time to grab treasures we can show off with flair.

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