On sleepy Saturday night
moon’s silvery glow so-so bright
I’ll kick off my shoes
finding barefoot freedom delight

Toes tickled by grass
from my sneaker less trance
as night unravels
warrant warnings of shoeless travel

Beware the thorns, the prickles, the sticks
for splinters still sting
where hidden dangers lurk
and cut, slice, and nick

Tonight’s cold, dewy, damp ground
chill of the night’s frosty bite
can be quite profound
outdoor barefoot frolicking just might not be right

So, on this crispy-cool Saturday night
when the stars are a-twinkling so-so bright
grass slick and shimmery cold
I’ll bring barefoot frolicking inside

Simply Me

Daily writing prompt
What’s the trait you value most about yourself?

I embrace
cozy imperfections
and accept defects
that are simply me.

I have learned
to accept
the constant clutter
and occasional stutter
that are simply me.

I realize
perfection is a mirage
forever just several
steps away.


I still strive
for self-improvement
with winks and chuckles
bumps and blunders
along the way.

I recognize
patterns that shape
my world
but forge paths
to new destinations.

After all
quirky imperfections
frame my story
a story
worth telling.

I’m simply
being me.


Our solemn duty
Replenish resources squandered
Refill our dubious drought
As living waters wander astray
Once-fertile fields with harvests hard-earned
Craves nurture for soil now dry

We must give as we take
We must mend what we wound 

Earth begs a sustainable cycle
Her thirst we cannot ignore,
Sow seeds where they will grow
Where living waters freely flow

We can feed Earth’s hunger
We can quench her thirst
We can preserve each vital source

Replenish, recharge, refill, reload
Our earthly steward moral code

Welcome to my plog

Welcome to my plog
poetry’s the point

Don’t be surprised
though, to find
an article
short story
other arrangements
of words

I thrive

The addition
the removal
the rearrangement
of words
help me
my thoughts
my emotions
my place in
this confusing world

So, explore and

But don’t
be surprised
to find a revision or
on what I
posted previously