Jumbled Mess

Full disclosure: when I switch to focusing on poetry on this blog, I didn’t have a strategic plan. I just went with my gut and let the words pour out of me. The result? A jumbled mess of thoughts.

But that’s the cool thing about poetry. You can take seemingly disparate ideas and find a way to make them dance together on the page. You can take a single word and imbue it with so much meaning that it practically bursts off the page.

When I look back at some of my earlier poetry, there are definitely moments of doubt and despair, but there are also moments of pure joy and clarity. It’s a wild ride.

And get this: the five poems I’m sharing with you now are all linked in ways I never could have predicted. They’ve become a part of me, and I hope they become a part of you too. Read on and enjoy.

listen, thank you, see color, leaving the party, voices in the style of Vincent Van Gogh
AI generated art based on the connections of the five poems linked in this post.