No regrets

No regrets
for past
stumbles, scrapes, and scars
shape my resilient
rhythmic life.

My history is not
haunted nighmares
but enchanted daydreams
in progress.

No remorse
for hours
with fellows, family, and friends
our priceless laughter and tears
our well-earned shared wealth.

No regret
for solo hours.

isn’t a void
but a refuge for self-discovery
sculpting the authentic me
free of regret.


Our solemn duty
Replenish resources squandered
Refill our dubious drought
As living waters wander astray
Once-fertile fields with harvests hard-earned
Craves nurture for soil now dry

We must give as we take
We must mend what we wound 

Earth begs a sustainable cycle
Her thirst we cannot ignore,
Sow seeds where they will grow
Where living waters freely flow

We can feed Earth’s hunger
We can quench her thirst
We can preserve each vital source

Replenish, recharge, refill, reload
Our earthly steward moral code

Water, Sweet Water

Water, sweet water: so pure, so fair
Source vital to life, source as vital as air  
For friends who fast, it offers clear aid
To endure our hunger, our food pangs will fade

Hydration is key to health and well-being
‘Till fat-loss goals set we start seeing:

Water keeps body moving so clean
Accelerates fat loss, we soon will see
Water flushes out toxins, quite naturally
Increases our edge, boosting how we feel

Water helps keep our bodies’ beat real
Kills indigestion, such comfort, I know
Water breaks down our food, makes our blood flow
Enlightens our minds, just let me explain:

Water helps the brain function, kills chronic pain
Promotes healthy skin, a glow from our youth
Water clears up brain fog, and that is the truth
It oils our old joints, and helps remove waste.

So drink up, dear friends, let’s reap our reward
Of water’s pure perks, they can’t be ignored.

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Fat Bomb


Comfort food calling,
Midlife belly broadening,
Soft couch, salty snacks, hard choices.

Soft stomach hangs low,
A victim of age,
Self discipline lacking.

Ready, set, go!
Keto plan: carb cutting, protein packing
Will this work for my gut?

I surrender, hunger
Pangs grow with each pound,
Doubt punching my paunch.

Intermittent fasting:
Renewing hope for old
Man on a fat-loss chase.