Waiting for Spring

Winter’s cold grip
Firmly gray and old
Bare tree branches
All muted and browned

Sun hides silvery behind gray skies
Above the barren land
Yet hope will soon sprout
From today’s frozen ground

Sleeping seeds on winter’s rest
Will soon awake, arise
As sun grows stronger
And lingers longer

Soon they’ll burst in brilliant sprays
Of oranges, purples, yellows
With fragrant breezes taking flight
Causing hardened soul to mellow

One Scene

Under sun-blocked skies
On the final snowy Sunday
January morning

Two puppies in pink ponchos
with matching slippers
Pulling their bridled parents
Across snow-swept pavement
Precariously to
The neighborhood park


Golden rays
slice through darkly 
dappled clouds
scattering flashy flecks
of violet, indigo, and blue
the radiant hues
spray the valley gap 
starting at the tall mountain peaks
descending to the point
where the rocky mounds meet

I need a photograph
to preserve this moment
in my memory book
but I am on the highway
traveling was
the nearest off ramp 
miles away

The scene softens
colors blur
before I can break
for a side-road snapshot
thus today’s summer sunrise 
live with other memories
inside my mind

Keep on Truckin’

Dear truck drivers,
We see you,
And we’re sorry.

We’re sorry
You have become pawns
In this red-herring drive
To divide and conquer.

We’re sorry
Your sights have been swayed
By digital drones
Led by
A killer queen bee
Determined to destroy
By distributing

We’re sorry
They told you
It’s a fight for your freedoms,
As you willingly surrender
Your freedoms
To their lies.

You are free
To turn off
Telegram, Gab,
And Rumble
To abandon
The anger
They taught you
Hoping to release
Your rage.

You are free
To deliver happiness
In truck loads
Of three-ply toilet paper
Farm-fresh vegetables
And other essentials.

You are free
To return home
To embrace your family
And live free
From social media driven

There were so many thoughts running through my mind this morning, I had to get them down before they left. Please forgive the collection of mixed metaphors, alliteration, and imagery. I promise to revisit this post later and make meaningful revisions.