Water, Sweet Water

Water, sweet water: so pure, so fair
Source vital to life, source as vital as air  
For friends who fast, it offers clear aid
To endure our hunger, our food pangs will fade

Hydration is key to health and well-being
‘Till fat-loss goals set we start seeing:

Water keeps body moving so clean
Accelerates fat loss, we soon will see
Water flushes out toxins, quite naturally
Increases our edge, boosting how we feel

Water helps keep our bodies’ beat real
Kills indigestion, such comfort, I know
Water breaks down our food, makes our blood flow
Enlightens our minds, just let me explain:

Water helps the brain function, kills chronic pain
Promotes healthy skin, a glow from our youth
Water clears up brain fog, and that is the truth
It oils our old joints, and helps remove waste.

So drink up, dear friends, let’s reap our reward
Of water’s pure perks, they can’t be ignored.

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