Fitness Swimmer

The placid depths of lap pool
release relief just beneath
water’s surface

with each stroke
I lose myself
in the rhythmic slaps
of lap swimming

I glide through water
past twenty five yards
of azure-tiled canvas
breathing bubbles,
releasing stress

unwhispered secrets retreating
from daily burdens.
Pushing and pulling
through water
I am guided
by the metronome
in my mind
one, two, three, breathe
one, two, three, breathe
inhale, exhale,
inhale, exhale

The pool buries noises
and chaos of the streets
I immerse myself
beneath surface
silence and solitude
connecting mind, body, soul
in rhythmic bliss

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Blue Waters



When drawstring snaps
and elastic cracks
while swimming laps

My swimsuit slips
below the hips
upon turning flips

Below surface I sink
thwarting scandalous peek
of naked cheek

From swimmer’s dirge
I eventually emerge
resisting second submerge

Hiking trunks fist tight
to locker room, my flight
from lap-pool plight

Why can’t I age with grace
without saving face
in this peak-of-fitness oriented place?