Winter’s Arrival

“It’s going to snow

She held a steamy mug
with both hands.
The scene from the
warm white-light
framed picture window
warned of winter’s
western arrival.

Patches of pink
mingled with 
gray and black
billowing clouds
reflecting the sun’s glow
as it crosses
below the horizon.

“How much
do you think
will fall?”

“The forecast says
anywhere from
six to eighteen inches.”

He didn’t bother
to look up
from his book
when he spoke.
He had become 
accustomed to their ritual.
He would read 
his stories 
as he sat
in his comfortable
his kids gifted him
upon retirement.

She would stand
at the window and watch
stories unfolding
on the street
just outside their
cozy front room.

He would listen
just enough
to participate
just enough
in his dear wife’s

“I hope it’s enough
to cover 
those weeds.”

She lifted her chin
as she looked
at the tousled
track of land
next door.
A subtle hint of contempt
invaded the normally
sweet strain of 
her soothing voice.

“It just makes 
the rest
of the neighborhood
look so
so tacky.”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

He was tempted 
to say more,
but what’s the point?
Expressing his 
true thoughts
would surely lead
to injured affections.
The remainder
of the evening
would be uncomfortably
…and quiet.
It was easier to
mumble approval
and continue
on his stories.
He enjoyed
the background noise
his wife provided
as his mind escaped
into his stories
in his precious books.

“That’s a lot
of snow.
I hope the roads
are clear.
I hate the thought 
of our kids traveling
in bad weather.”

“They’ll be fine.”

This time
he looks up
from his book
to observe the
winter scene 
unravelling outside.

“They’ll be fine.
And we will have 
a great Christmas

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