Never Tweet with a Troll

Never tweet with a troll
It takes such a toll
Chipping away sanity
Stained by crude profanity

Never tweet with a troll
It’s so bad for the soul
Kindling hot flaming hate
Please, don’t take the sweet bait

To avoid online strife
And maintain a calm life
Keep this one wired goal
Never tweet with a troll

Kill them with Kindness

“Kill them with kindness,” she’d frequently say 
Compassionately crushing cruelty her game 
Rosy with light, yet so joyfully dry 
Her saccharine smile like a cleansing flame 

“Kill them with kindness,” I still hear today 
Her life motto my utmost aim 
Yet, whenever I try 
My kindness feels phony and lame 

“Kill them with kindness?” I threw that away 
Alternate efforts should result in the same 
Crafting sword and shield out of my words why 
I escape insult’s intentional shame