silhouette photo of a mother carrying her baby at beach during golden hour

My mother

My motheris a verb While sleepingas a youngchild, I wouldoften awakeonly to find Momworkingon tasks left undoneduring regular hours I would find hersewingironing or foldingfreshly-washedlaundrywhile quietly watchingmidnight showsto keep her company When shewould sleepI did not know

clean clear cold drink


Pronouns are likewater While not asflavorful As otherbeverages It’sa freshelement That’sa big deal Whenyou tryliving Withoutthem

group of people sitting inside room

This I know

Our pasts aren’t perfectLanguages evolveScience identifies patternsLeading to conclusionsNumbers comminglingCan lead toInfinite possibilitiesOpinions aren’t factsNor are they all Equally validBias can stunt growthEquity is notSocialism nor communism We can’t learnIf we won’t listenClosed mindsDon’t have enoughRoom to grow

photo of brown bare tree on brown surface during daytime

A Query

HowCan we manageSavingFor a rainy day When We areEnduringUnprecedentedDroughts?

man in white t shirt and blue denim jeans holding black plastic trash bin

I Confess

I just atethe chicken enchiladasthat were left onmy front porch Whichyou might beexpectingto be delivered Sorrythey were temptingso cheesyand hot Sometimes I reach out to the best for inspiration. Thank you William Carlos Williams.

grilled meat on charcoal grill


I’m cravinga solidsaucy steakperfectly searedslightly pinkin the middle realbad Add sidesof sautéed mushroomscaramelized onionsand buttery steamedasparagus stems And a bigbaked potatoloadedsour creambacon bitschives Now… Where to go? DoorDash?Grubhub?Uber Eats?

city road people art

See Color

See colorEmbraceFist bumpGreetThe brindled beautyGlowing in the pallid pinksMingling withThe boldest browns Salute the spectrumRefracting lightPainting memoriesAs you rub shouldersAnd break breadAt backyard barbecuesAnd neighborhoodBlock parties

photo of planner and writing materials


I’ve changed the order of my stanzas several times. I think I have it the way I like it now.

dog on concrete road

Origin Story

I am from subtle chlorine smellsLingering on skinAfter hours-long staysAt the suburban community Swimming pool I am from duskyCard gamesUno, Phase 10, Hand and Foot,Played in backyard patiosAs the hot summer breezesWhisper a chill retreat I am from lost toilet paper rollsMissing from several house pantriesEventually being discoveredDangling from treesOf an unsuspecting neighbor My version… Continue reading Origin Story

person pressing white button

Truth Came Calling

When Truth approachedMy front porchI turned downHer friendly visit I knewShe carried wearisome wordsSo I refused To listen I could ignoreThe ringingDinging doorbellBy masking with singing I could hideIn a back roomTurning out the lightsPretending not to be home But ringing became  knockingPounding louder and louderUntil I the only reasonable choiceWas to open the door Truth… Continue reading Truth Came Calling


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