Clearing the Clutter

I’ve been exploring mental health recently, and this poem is a result of some of my thoughts.

Breakfast at the Diner

They talkedof Jesusbetween bitesof baconand runny-yokesoaked hash browns They talkedthey mockedbleeding heartsshedding liberal tearsfor the soulsof the others who are lost They talkedand chompedon buttery toastcheering chains that bindthe others to choicesthey’re not allowed to make They talkedof Jesusbetween slurpsof creamy coffeebut the way they talkedI knew They didn’t knowJesus

September 4

What can we do to wash the winds infected by our selfish flare our casual concern?


Droplets descend on dry river beds delivering desperate hope.

Film Me

Go ahead, put a camera in my classroom. But first, make sure every student has their own textbook.

Writing Rebel

Go ahead: Be a rebel. Break the rules. Be unconventional.

Alter spelling. Remove punctuation or add some


Originally posted on The Other KLM:
Every red stateHas pocketsOf blue And Every blue stateBleedsA little bitOf red The secretOf a skilled artistis to blend colorsPaint harmonyIn this canvasWe callĀ Home

watch your tone

Tone affirms attitude. Choose words wisely as you approach your desired destination.


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