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Clutter Scribe

Writing woes, worries, and woes, worry no more with this tool in tow! Words, themes, and tones to take, your writing journey now on the make! Marvelous masterpieces made with ease, simply click the button to appease!

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No regrets

No regrets, for past stumbles, scrapes, and scars shape my resilient, rhythmic life.

Why change time? Why?

I got an extra hour of sleep overnight Why does my bed feel like it’s stuck in quicksand pulling me slowly deeper, tighter into its grip? Why is my alarm clock snooze button like an addictive online game I can’t resist tapping? Why does today’s to-do list feel longer, heavier than it did last night?…


As I look back on the first 18 years of my life, it’s like peering into a time capsule of memories and milestones. The journey has been a blend of moon landings, musical magic, and Macintosh moments. Would I go back to those days? Well, maybe not to relive my awkward fashion choices or the…

Moon Chase

I woke early to chase full moon on westward journey. The silver moon grew grand and golden before sinking and settling behind snowdusted mountains. Simultaneously, clouds started shimmering softly as they sun began his climb above taller peaks to the east. I went to the moon this morning. The cost: an extra hour of sleep.

Food, you ask?

A Can of Nuts with an extra side of Blessed Bacon and a cold glass of Water, Sweet Water. Of course, a Fat Bomb or two can curb Cravings that might cause me to binge.

Whispering Wisdom

I wander foreign paths, searching for truths I Don’t recognize on familiar roads. I Know wisdom is often discovered by listening to whispers of the voiceless. What I want hides in soft songs crickets sing under crescent moon. I’m listening, carefully listening, Proud of the simple strikes, the sparks, Of scholarship seized, glowing softly in…

I’d give it away

Not to brag, or boast, or stroke my ego, but I know I will donate to education if I ever had a million dollars to give away because I already use my own money to supply classrooms with additional tools to engage students.


I like to imagine. I like to imagine a world the way I think it should be. I’m a perpetual dreamer. I look at things the way they are and then think about the way they should be. Sometimes, I write down what I imagine and hope others will discover my wisdom. I imagine a…


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