relaxation water sport wet


My swimsuit slips below the hips upon turning flips.

white dandelion

Saturday Clean-up

Crowd out the weeds with fern and flower. Don’t give bad seeds room to spread and sprout.

an on treadmill


Sitting in the hot tub, pondering, my mind wanders.

anonymous tourist taking photo of starry sky while standing on road

I would rather

I would rather be woke over asleep at the wheel.

grey sedan on the road


Choice–my rooted guide.

person in black sneakers walking on street

Anger Cures

Lace up those running shoesFor a pre-dawn runA mile or two will do(or ten) Take your rescue puppyFor a nighttime neighborhood strollStop. Talk with neighborsDon’t forget to listen (even laugh) Congregate at the parkAnd mingle with the massesWho have gathered for a causeAnd walk (for a cure)

woman behind a plastic bag

Fuzzy Fear

Something is not rightI cannot name what is wrongBut it hurts the heartLike foods that cause belly fatAnd stress without rest

person ordering fast food in drive thru


We sitbehind a wheelblasting coolair(sometimes hot) Waitingfor ourturnat the windowto exchangea few dollars fora crispy chickensandwichora doublebacon burger(with cheese) We sitidlingpassing gasto an alreadychoking sky Shouldn’t weBe usinga walk-upwindowinstead?

painted pebbles on sand


Don’tcall me honey sweetiebuddy boss big guy dudeslugger champ scooter chiefcaptain sport tiger partnerdaddy dude If youcan’t bother to learnmy name Don’t call meanything

silhouette photo of a mother carrying her baby at beach during golden hour

My mother

My motheris a verb While sleepingas a youngchild, I wouldoften awakeonly to find Momworkingon tasks left undoneduring regular hours I would find hersewingironing or foldingfreshly-washedlaundrywhile quietly watchingmidnight showsto keep her company When shewould sleepI did not know


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