Darkness dancesin my eyesattempting to rest the mindbut thoughts invadepersistforbidbedtime reposeNightly hours of sleepless stress Is everything ready for tomorrow?What if I’m not ready?Will I lose control?…count backwards one hundredninety nineninety eightninety seven… 12:17Did I make my car payment?What if I didn’t?Will it ruin my credit?…count backwardsone hundredninety nineninety eight… 2:47What did she mean by that?Am I wrong?Did she tell others?…count…back wardsone hundredninety nine… […]


In hindsight, what would you do. This poem explores what I would do differently.

These were

These were supposed to be our days to come together, to unite, and to embrace empathy

The Christmas I Regret

I had been developing the idea for about a week. It began when I saw him walk past me in the Jolley’s Drug Store parking lot. His green eyes looked at me momentarily before they dropped. The long braided read hair and freckles were familiar, but I wasn’t sure why. His name didn’t come to me until I found the single photo of him in my senior yearbook.


And the dim gleam grows
If we simply trust
The shimmer over the shadows

Just One

I am just one; there’s not much I can do.
But if I reach out to one more, my one becomes two.


Will doesn’t answer but instead focuses his eyes on his worn-out imitation Chucks; his big toe moves up and down through a hole in the shoe. Will smells like sweat and unwashed clothes I imagine he has worn for at least a week. He pushes oily hair from his eyes and tucks it behind his ear while rocking forward and back on his heels. Still, he says nothing.

Awkwardly Creative


Keep listening [to] music
Kind, loyal man
Kills living monsters


I’ve been thinking of you
Between phone calls
And meetings.


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