He Healed the Sick

With a touch of grace, a look so kindHe  healed the sick, the deaf, the blindNo proof of insurance, no copay tooA charitable act of love; He knew He simply healed, sent them on their wayNo unpaid bills; no debt to payExpenses He covered every single timeThe cost He paid every single time No deductible,…

Human Connection

Soothed stress stills body’s anxious plightBrightened mood shines soul’s central lightCured pain banishes mental strifeFirm bonds socially tied won’t ceaseRegulated hormones bring central calmRevitalized sleep like soothing balmBalanced physical emotional health we attainSolid human connection feeds a healthy, hungry mind.

High Desert Whale

Once in a high desert so hot, so dry,A whale was lost; no ocean nearby.He swam through sands, with heavy heart,Longing for water, a new voyage to chart. A seagull, named Jack, with sour tongue knife sharp,Swooped next to the whale, listening to him harp.”Ha!” said Jack, “What an ironic sight,A whale in this scorched,…

Water, Sweet Water

Water, sweet water: so pure, so fairSource vital to life, source as vital as air  For friends who fast, it offers clear aidTo endure our hunger, our food pangs will fade Hydration is key to health and well-being‘Till fat-loss goals set we start seeing:Water keeps body moving so cleanAccelerates fat loss, we soon will seeWater flushes…

Shameful Fortune

Stricken by shameful fortune,Master declines to take in truth:Without hapless, humble helpers,Your wealth wouldn’t see much growth. They demand we dedicate endless daysAnd nights to increase their profit marginsLining pockets with silver and gold While worker wages remain bitterly coldThis pitiless pattern continues day by dayClock in clock out in exchange for hourly pay’Till one…

One Scene

Under sun-blocked skiesOn the final snowy SundayJanuary morningTwo puppies in pink ponchoswith matching slippersPulling their bridled parentsAcross snow-swept pavementPrecariously toThe neighborhood park


Comfort food calling,Midlife belly broadening,Soft couch, salty snacks, hard choices. Soft stomach hangs low,A victim of age,Self discipline lacking. Ready, set, go!Keto plan: carb cutting, protein packingWill this work for my gut? I surrender, hungerPangs grow with each pound,Doubt punching my paunch. Intermittent fasting:Renewing hope for oldMan on a fat-loss chase.

Never Tweet with a Troll

Never tweet with a trollIt takes such a tollChipping away sanityStained by crude profanityNever tweet with a trollIt’s so bad for the soulKindling hot flaming hatePlease, don’t take the sweet baitTo avoid online strifeAnd maintain a calm lifeKeep this one wired goalNever tweet with a troll


Listen ’til heatbeats syncdeep to depths of the soullet echoes of the well swell upa silent song composed Listen ’til heatbeats synca rhythm of our ownwith warm hands softly graspedpumping our silent love code


Join our cause! That has been said That Has been done. Resist! Has been triedHasOthers have triedI haven’t triedI haven’tTriedEnough! Resist! No moreNo!More! Resist No more!  Accept what comes?Accept what?What comes?  No!No more!No more.


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