ice cream with chocolate chips topped with melted chocolate

Fat Bomb

My kotegenic journeybegan last week I must cut carbohydrate consumptionespecially provisionspacked with processed sugars Swap sweetswith nutsstring cheese when I yearn for a snack I’ve held fastfor a weekand have survived Yet, nowI am staring at this bowlcreamy cold covered in caramelsinful hot fudgeand ethereal whipped topping  Dark chocolateis a heart-healthy cheatallowed in a ketogenic diet […]

couple elderly man old


Kevin’s parents would like to announce his engagement. Nothing would make them happier.

For the people

Today, as we honor the fallen, let us remember the flag, the pledge, the anthem are symbols for the people. All people. One nation.

sign with house number on wall

One more time

I’ve declared this before, and I’ll proclaim it again. One more time, my impassioned plea…

clear hour glass on frame

It’s past time

A good man with a gun will some day save us, they say, but he’s seldom present, prepared or prone to act in that urgent hour.

grayscale photography of crying woman


Today, again, children are caught in the crosshairs–innocent victims of political rage.

Good Citizens

They don’t seek the spotlight, they don’t chase fame, they don’t lust for praise; they simply love and love simply.


Ah, sweet apathythe “I’ll do it later” attitudebirthright borne.“I’ll get to it,” they say“When I feel like it.” “I’m just not intothat sort of thing,”some sayas if they earned exemption. It’s a battlethey’re unwilling to fightuntildeadlines dawndebt due dates convergeor delivery is denied. And, swiftlyindifferenceblows over and overlike a fallen leafbattered by bitter windchurning and […]

The Bully

Every day he would arrive. Same striped shirt, frayed shoes, discolored dungarees reeking of weeks’ worth of wear.

Leaving the Party

When the chatter declines to rants rife with caution signs, outrageous rumble, mumble and grumble.


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