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Clutter Scribe

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Tone Word

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No Context

Details uttered. Purpose: provoke.Dispatched. Delivered.Prime pointbroken. Emptywords without worth. Context abandoned, Spurious spirits sparked. Outrage assured.

Memory Museum

Memories Displayed like a museum Galleries encase life’s moments Framed like sad scenesPortraits of despairOf broken heartsBeyond repairStrokes of blue and dappled grey Memories that refuse to fadeYet, even in Van Gogh’s saddest workSplashes of purple, pink, and goldDeliver hope Joyous moments Like a vibrant dance Paint the shimmering lightOf love and laughter Warm lightButtery…

Jumbled Mess

Full disclosure: when I switch to focusing on poetry on this blog, I didn’t have a strategic plan. I just went with my gut and let the words pour out of me. The result? A jumbled mess of thoughts. But that’s the cool thing about poetry. You can take seemingly disparate ideas and find a…


Sun settlesdeep into darknesslight surrendersto shadow and gloomHope’s failingfantasy fumblesunder midnight’ssleepless shadeMy lifeblanketed inthis bleakand lonely roomPrays for lightto shatter gloomhiding hope’srising shimmer

My Life

Life keeps goingday in, day outsome ups, some downs,check in, check out my fate, my dreams of rest, of strifeI will survive this edgy humdrum life. But wait a sechold up, hold tightis this what I want? thinking black?thinking white? Is this all there isa ceaseless cycle monotony? Hope sparks deepwhispering don’t quit dream something,…

The Sun Still Rises

Sun rises ona new dayflickering lightfrom dark cornersof my soulI refuseto surrenderto sorrowfor I knowlove lives onlight and faircalming the thornsand trencheson my trailsadnessseeks faithto kindlehope’s flamelight and fairspring’s sundeliversdelight behind winter’s somberslumber

AI Love Song

Oh, I play play the musichow? with my wordsin the wayYouhear my heartwhen?when I singthrough the daywe we were bouncing bouncing offmy caroff my car bumperwe were bouncingthe night awayif it’s gonna be megonna be youus dancingI take itAllI take it alllike a Bible School Dancein the daysbefore the fallI’ll take it allI’ll alwaysalwayskeep singingand…

Vitamin D

This dragging winter of dread and despair Lingers later and longer, bitter bite in the airWhere is spring’s welcoming warm embrace?Filling warm golden rays ‘cross this gray, dreary space Vitamin D loss is taking its toll Bones brittle, sight sad, heart hurt, mood drollSupplements, shots, salmon, sprays can’t compare, To the comforting rays of sun-swayed…

Turtle Tracks

Like a sea-bound sleuthI’m forever followingturtle tracksacross sandy beachesnever reaching the treasured turtlesnow ebbingto the depthsof the dark-bluesea

Campaigning for Cash

Buy me a latte, I’ll love you a latte pleasedon’t expect me to remember your name or even say hi laterunlesswe meetfor another cupof coffee(your treat) I have a causeplease donate to my causeI’ll fight for something for meI can’t guarantee it’s worthy my causecould be for our right to eat extra stuffingwith turkeyand gravy…


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