Goodbye, New Friend I can’t BelieveIt’s timeTo sayGoodbye We just metThree daysNowMy flame for youBurns fierce Like the pepperyPunchOf local dishesYour zesty spiritHas me craving for more Yet, I must goReboundTo a lifeOf contractsAnd compulsions I don’t know if we willSee each other againBut you are nowA permanent part Of my soul

Wanderlust The world’s too small toRestrict ourselves to what’s immediatelyAround us.Vacations canExpand our view and inform ourLove of diversity.

Frayed and Fatigued

Originally posted on The Other KLM:
I’m frayed and fatiguedAfter miles of ambled pavement Tap tap tapping one thousand trailsMarking silent footprints along the pathMy expeditious exerciseLeaves me frayed and fatigued I pretend I’m youngReady to runMarathons and trail racesTo highest mountain peaksAnd rocky ocean shoresBut I’m frayed and fatigued Walking daily is goodFor body…

I write

I write laughterI write tearsI write faithfullyTo confront my fears I write ‘cause I readI write ‘cause I liveMy ink’s what I bleedMy soul’s what I give My writing’s not perfectIt requires constant revisionUntil word choice reflectsMy authentic vision I scratch; I scribbleI delete; I copyI rearrange wordsIt’s what makes me happy

I Miss… Pt. 1

Originally posted on The Other KLM:
I miss… Crispy romainespinachspring mixand kale Carrotscucumberscroutonsand scallions Sunflower seedssproutssweet peas and corn MushroomsandMozzarella Bacon bitsboiled eggsbeetsand bleu cheese Placed pleasingly under plexiglass sneeze guardsthenplucked and piled on my platefor fine-dining pleasure Click here to read more of my poetry

False Flags

I see so many people flying false flags that support lies and divisions. This poem reflects my thoughts as I walked past a neighbor’s house that was proudly displaying a flag of a losing cause.


Often neglected,you are left with nothing to dowhile your twin works alone. You watch you waityour fingers fidgetuntil extendeda turn. Yet, when I grantany freedomto step upyou surrender to the struggle too soon. I accept blameIt’s my faultI didn’t rouse your rightto spur a spiritof discoveryto developyour separate skills.

Summer Break

bare feetsummer heatheat waveday tripping Timpanogos Cavecave in to my friends’ whimshit the road most weekendsweekend warriors on dirt bikesearly morning sunrise hikeshike at noon to Donut Fallsbefore I return to my school’s halls I have two weeks left of the most emotionally draining school year in memory. Although I will have time dedicated to […]


Master Crow, perched in a tree, Clutched cheese inside his beak. Master Fox, below, observed the sight, And to the bird did speak. “Master Crow, good day to you. You’re such a gallant fowl.More radiant than the Phoenix flame, You’re wiser than the owl” “Please share with me, kind fellow The view from your high perch. You have a broader visionThan here […]


I like to dabble in photography, but I haven’t had the energy to dedicate much time to the efforts. Here’s a sample of my work from the past:


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